Rule Chapter: 69A-51
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69A-51.001 Scope 4/10/2016
Rule file 69A-51.005 Definitions 10/23/2000
Rule file 69A-51.010 Codes Adopted 10/23/2000
Rule file 69A-51.015 Administration 2/27/1989
Rule file 69A-51.017 Other Provisions 2/27/1989
Rule file 69A-51.020 Certificates of Competency 5/26/2010
Rule file 69A-51.025 Certificate of Compliance 2/27/1989
Rule file 69A-51.035 Examinations 10/23/2000
Rule file 69A-51.040 Disciplinary Proceedings (Repealed) 4/10/2016
Rule file 69A-51.045 Scope 2/27/1989
Rule file 69A-51.050 Inspection Requirements 4/10/2016
Rule file 69A-51.060 Requirements for New Installations 5/21/2012
Rule file 69A-51.065 Requirements for Existing Installations 2/27/1989
Rule file 69A-51.075 Repairs 4/10/2016
Rule file 69A-51.080 Condemned Boilers 2/27/1989
Rule file 69A-51.085 Accidents 4/10/2016