Rule Chapter: 69A-37
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69A-37.020 Notice of Change of Record 2/15/2015
Rule file 69A-37.0335 Qualification of New Employee 3/19/2009
Rule file 69A-37.0336 Application Process Certificate of Compliance 3/19/2009
Rule file 69A-37.034 High School Education Requirement 3/20/1995
Rule file 69A-37.036 Determination of Moral Character 3/19/2009
Rule file 69A-37.037 Firefighter Training Course Medical Examination 3/31/2019
Rule file 69A-37.0385 Termination of Employee 12/10/2001
Rule file 69A-37.039 Prescribed Forms for Training and Certification 4/29/2021
Rule file 69A-37.050 Types of Training Certificates Issued (Repealed) 6/4/2014
Rule file 69A-37.0527 Retention of Certification 3/24/2014
Rule file 69A-37.054 Out of State Firefighting Certificate of Compliance and Special Certificate of Compliance 8/3/2015
Rule file 69A-37.055 Curriculum Requirements for Training Firefighter Recruits or Firefighters 7/1/2020
Rule file 69A-37.056 Specifications for Certifiable Training 1/4/2022
Rule file 69A-37.057 Roster of Students 8/3/2015
Rule file 69A-37.058 Verification of Prescribed Training Hours 1/1/2019
Rule file 69A-37.059 Training Provider and Fire Service Instructor Requirements 12/23/2020
Rule file 69A-37.060 Certification as an Approved Firefighter Recruit Training Facility 12/23/2020
Rule file 69A-37.062 Procedures for Minimum Standards Course Examination 1/30/2018
Rule file 69A-37.063 Cheating 12/10/2001
Rule file 69A-37.064 Florida State Fire College 2/15/2015
Rule file 69A-37.065 Programs of Study and Vocational Courses 8/3/2021
Rule file 69A-37.082 Purpose 3/14/2011
Rule file 69A-37.083 Scope 3/14/2011
Rule file 69A-37.084 Definitions 3/19/2013
Rule file 69A-37.085 Eligibility Requirements for Supplemental Compensation 9/25/2012
Rule file 69A-37.086 Application for Eligibility Determination 9/25/2012
Rule file 69A-37.087 Cessation of Supplemental Compensation (Repealed) 3/14/2011
Rule file 69A-37.088 Eligibility Requirements for Re-Entry (Repealed) 3/14/2011
Rule file 69A-37.089 Employing Agency Request for Reimbursement 9/25/2012
Rule file 69A-37.090 Lisa of Supplemental Compensation Forms; Incorporation by Reference 9/25/2012
Rule file 69A-37.401 Definitions 10/5/2006
Rule file 69A-37.402 Authorizations for Certified Personnel 10/5/2006
Rule file 69A-37.403 Compliance with Other Applicable Laws, Rules 10/5/2006
Rule file 69A-37.404 Requirements for Live Fire Training for Certified Personnel 8/3/2015
Rule file 69A-37.405 Requirements for Live Fire Training During Recruit Training 10/5/2006
Rule file 69A-37.406 Certification Prerequisites for Live Fire Training Instructor Training 10/5/2006
Rule file 69A-37.407 Live Fire Training Instructor Training 10/5/2006
Rule file 69A-37.408 Live Fire Training Instructor Certification and Renewal 2/15/2015
Rule file 69A-37.409 Instructor Certification Revocation 10/6/2006
Rule file 69A-37.501 Definitions 5/28/2023
Rule file 69A-37.502 Firefighter Assistance Grant Program 5/28/2023
Rule file 69A-37.503 Firefighter Cancer Decontamination Equipment Grant Program 2/8/2021