Rule Chapter: 69A-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69A-2.001 Scope of Rules and Regulations 12/24/1974
Rule file 69A-2.002 Definitions 7/19/2001
Rule file 69A-2.003 General Requirements 8/25/1998
Rule file 69A-2.005 Manufacture; Blasting Agents 12/24/1974
Rule file 69A-2.006 Storage; General 12/24/1974
Rule file 69A-2.007 Storage; Magazine Construction Requirements 12/24/1974
Rule file 69A-2.008 Storage; Within Magazines 12/24/1974
Rule file 69A-2.009 Storage; Smokeless Propellant 12/24/1974
Rule file 69A-2.0091 Storage; Black Powder 12/24/1974
Rule file 69A-2.010 Storage; Blasting Agents 12/24/1974
Rule file 69A-2.011 Storage; Inventory Required 12/24/1974
Rule file 69A-2.013 Transportation; General 12/24/1974
Rule file 69A-2.014 Transportation; Vehicles; Safety Requirements 12/24/1974
Rule file 69A-2.015 Transportation; Operation of Vehicles 11/14/1999
Rule file 69A-2.016 Transportation; Explosives at Piers, Railway Stations, Etc 12/24/1974
Rule file 69A-2.017 Transportation; Smokeless Propellants; Small Arms Ammunition Primers 12/24/1974
Rule file 69A-2.018 Transportation; Blasting Agents 11/14/1999
Rule file 69A-2.020 Use; Loading of Explosives in Blast Holes 9/28/1978
Rule file 69A-2.021 Use; Initiation of Explosive Charges 9/28/1978
Rule file 69A-2.023 Conflicts (Repealed) 12/2/2014
Rule file 69A-2.024 Construction Materials Mining Activities 11/11/2021