Rule Chapter: 68C-22
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 68C-22.001 Scope and Purpose 11/8/2005
Rule file 68C-22.002 Definitions 12/23/2003
Rule file 68C-22.003 Regulated Activities 5/12/1998
Rule file 68C-22.004 Management Provisions 12/23/2003
Rule file 68C-22.005 Lee County Zones 9/20/2005
Rule file 68C-22.006 Brevard County Zones 6/24/2002
Rule file 68C-22.007 Indian River County Zones 12/12/2002
Rule file 68C-22.008 St. Lucie County Zones 8/16/1994
Rule file 68C-22.009 Palm Beach County Zones 7/20/1993
Rule file 68C-22.010 Broward County Zones 11/14/2011
Rule file 68C-22.011 Citrus and Associated County (Parts of Levy and Hernando) Zones 4/24/2016
Rule file 68C-22.012 Volusia County and Associated County (Parts of Putnam, Lake and Seminole) Zones 6/13/2012
Rule file 68C-22.013 Hillsborough County Zones 1/5/2005
Rule file 68C-22.014 Manatee County Zones 1/5/2005
Rule file 68C-22.015 Charlotte County (and Part of DeSoto County) Zones 7/23/2006
Rule file 68C-22.016 Pinellas County Zones 1/18/2016
Rule file 68C-22.023 Collier County Zones 2/19/2018
Rule file 68C-22.024 Martin County Zones 12/24/1990
Rule file 68C-22.025 Dade County Zones 12/25/1991
Rule file 68C-22.026 Sarasota County Zones 6/24/2010
Rule file 68C-22.027 Duval County and Associated County (Parts of Clay and St. Johns) Zones 1/30/2007
Rule file 68C-22.028 Flagler County Zones 5/24/2016
Rule file 68C-22.029 Cape Canaveral Energy Center Interim Warm-water Refuge Zone 1/24/2023