Rule Chapter: 68B-39
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 68B-39.001 Designation as Restricted Species 7/1/2003
Rule file 68B-39.002 Definitions 5/16/2019
Rule file 68B-39.003 Size Limit; Exception; Whole Condition Requirement 5/16/2019
Rule file 68B-39.004 Recreational Bag Limit; Seasonal Vessel Limits 5/16/2019
Rule file 68B-39.0041 Commercial Limits: Seasonal, Regional, and Weekend Limits 5/16/2019
Rule file 68B-39.0045 Striped Mullet: Seasonal Recreational and Commercial Bag Limit for Portion of Pinellas County 5/16/2019
Rule file 68B-39.0046 Striped Mullet: Seasonal Night Harvest Prohibition for Portion of Charlotte County (Punta Gorda) 5/16/2019
Rule file 68B-39.0047 Allowable Harvesting Gear (Repealed) 5/16/2019
Rule file 68B-39.005 Silver Mullet: Commercial Closed Season 5/16/2019
Rule file 68B-39.006 Allowable Gear; Prohibited Gear 5/16/2019
Rule file 68B-39.007 Prohibited Purchase and Sale 5/16/2019
Rule file 68B-39.008 Striped and Silver Mullet: Areas Closed to Commercial Harvest 5/16/2019