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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 68B-31.001 Northeast Florida Live Bait Shrimp Fishery; Purpose and Intent 1/1/1996
Rule file 68B-31.002 Definitions 1/1/1996
Rule file 68B-31.003 Live Bait Shrimp Trawl Gear Specifications 6/3/1996
Rule file 68B-31.0035 Trawls: Allowed Use; Maximum Square Footage of Mesh Area; Definitions 7/1/2020
Rule file 68B-31.004 Trawl Gear Specifications: Turtle Excluder Devices Required; Exceptions; Definitions 1/19/2010
Rule file 68B-31.0045 Trawl Gear Specifications: Bycatch Reduction Devices 1/19/2010
Rule file 68B-31.005 Purpose and Intent; Repeal of Certain General and Special Acts; Designation of Shrimp as Restriction Species 12/2/1999
Rule file 68B-31.006 Definitions 12/15/2019
Rule file 68B-31.007 Statewide Recreational Shrimping Restrictions 3/1/2005
Rule file 68B-31.008 Statewide Live Bait Shrimp Production Restrictions 3/1/2005
Rule file 68B-31.009 Statewide Food Shrimp Production Restrictions 12/15/2019
Rule file 68B-31.010 Northwest Region Food Shrimp Production Gear Specifications 1/1/2003
Rule file 68B-31.011 Big Bend Region Food Shrimp Production Gear Specifications 1/1/1996
Rule file 68B-31.012 Southwest Region Food Shrimp Production Gear Specifications 8/17/1998
Rule file 68B-31.013 Southeast Region Food Shrimp Production Gear Specifications 8/17/1998
Rule file 68B-31.0135 Southeast Region: Biscayne Bay (Dade County) Food Shrimp Production Season and Weekly Closures 12/21/2000
Rule file 68B-31.0136 Southeast Region: Food Shrimp Production Closed Area (Portion of Monroe County) 3/1/2005
Rule file 68B-31.014 Northeast Region Food Shrimp Production Gear Specifications 6/3/1996
Rule file 68B-31.015 Northeast Florida Shrimping: Definition (Repealed) 12/15/2019
Rule file 68B-31.0155 Northeast Florida Shrimping: Closed Season; Allowable Harvest Days; Commercial Food Shrimp Production License and Transferability; Closed Areas 12/15/2019
Rule file 68B-31.0156 Florida East Coast Shrimp Bed: Repeal of Section 370.156, Florida Statutes; Seasonal Food Shrimp Production Closure; Exception; Definition 12/5/2017
Rule file 68B-31.0157 East Coast: Night Trawling Prohibited; Exception 3/1/2005
Rule file 68B-31.016 Tortugas Shrimp Beds: Repeal of Section 370.151(2), F.S. (1991); Redescription of Tortugas Shrimp Beds; Closed Areas 4/13/2017
Rule file 68B-31.017 Big Bend Region Closed Areas; Seasonal Closures 7/9/2002
Rule file 68B-31.018 Northwest Region Closed Areas; Repealed Special Acts 4/13/2017
Rule file 68B-31.019 Regulation of Shrimp Fishing in Tampa Bay; License Requirements 3/1/2005