Rule Chapter: 68A-13
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 68A-13.0001 Definitions 7/29/2015
Rule file 68A-13.001 Open Season for Taking Game; Bag and Possession Limits 7/1/2022
Rule file 68A-13.002 Migratory Birds; Adoption of Federal Statutes and Regulations (Transferred) 8/11/1998
Rule file 68A-13.003 Hunting Regulations for Ducks, Geese, and Coots 7/1/2023
Rule file 68A-13.004 Hunting Regulations for Non-Migratory Game and Issuance of Antlerless Deer Permits and Private Lands Deer Management Permits 7/1/2022
Rule file 68A-13.006 Hunting on National Wildlife Refuges 8/22/1991
Rule file 68A-13.007 Hunting Regulations on Public Small-Game Hunting Areas 7/1/2023
Rule file 68A-13.008 Hunting Regulations for Migratory Birds Other than Ducks and Coots 7/1/2021