Rule Chapter: 68A-12
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 68A-12.001 Definitions 7/1/2022
Rule file 68A-12.002 General Methods of Taking Game and Crows; Prohibitions 7/1/2023
Rule file 68A-12.003 Protection of Certain Deer and Turkey; Tagging of Deer, Bear, and Turkey; Deer and Wild Turkey Harvest Reporting; Evidence of Sex Required 7/1/2022
Rule file 68A-12.004 Possession or Sale of Birds or Mammals; Taxidermy Operations and Mounting Requirements 7/17/2023
Rule file 68A-12.005 Transportation of Wild Birds or Game 6/21/1982
Rule file 68A-12.006 Sale of Pen-raised Quail 6/21/1982
Rule file 68A-12.007 Hunting Dogs; Molesting Game in Closed Season; Training; Field Trials; Prohibited for Certain Hunting 7/1/2023
Rule file 68A-12.008 Use of Pen-raised Quail for Training Bird Dogs 7/1/2012
Rule file 68A-12.009 Taking Destructive Birds and Mammals (Repealed) 5/1/2008
Rule file 68A-12.010 Regulations Governing the Operation of Private Hunting Preserves 7/17/2023
Rule file 68A-12.011 Regulations Governing the Establishment and Operation of Game Farms 7/17/2023