Rule Chapter: 68-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 68-1.001 Adoption of Uniform Rules of Procedure; Subject Matter Index; Official Reporter 1/8/2008
Rule file 68-1.002 Minority Business Enterprise Procurement Activities 8/23/1992
Rule file 68-1.003 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Grants Program 4/19/2020
Rule file 68-1.004 Standards 7/19/2006
Rule file 68-1.005 State Preemption of Power to Regulate 3/1/2005
Rule file 68-1.006 Cooperative Advertising, Sponsorships and Partnerships 2/1/2006
Rule file 68-1.007 Wildlife Violator Compact, Implementation 1/1/2007
Rule file 68-1.008 Due Process Procedures 1/8/2008
Rule file 68-1.009 Delegations of Authority to the Executive Director 9/9/2013
Rule file 68-1.010 General Regulations Relating to Licenses, Permits and Other Authorizations 2/7/2019
Rule file 68-1.011 Military/Disabled Veteran License Exemption Permits 1/7/2014
Rule file 68-1.012 Verification of Residency for the Purpose of Recreational Licenses and Permits 4/20/2020