Rule Chapter: 65A-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 65A-2.022 Rights and Responsibilities 10/26/2021
Rule file 65A-2.023 Application and Determination of Eligibility 10/26/2021
Rule file 65A-2.024 Determination of Continued Eligibility 12/16/2001
Rule file 65A-2.031 Advance Notice: Written Ten Day Advance Notice 12/16/2001
Rule file 65A-2.032 Optional State Supplementation Eligibility Criteria 10/26/2021
Rule file 65A-2.033 Optional State Supplementation Coverage Groups 5/14/2002
Rule file 65A-2.035 Income Calculation 12/16/2001
Rule file 65A-2.036 Optional State Supplementation Base Provider Rates and Program Standards 10/26/2021