Rule Chapter: 65H-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 65H-1.001 Certification (Repealed) 11/30/2009
Rule file 65H-1.002 Procedures for Funding (Repealed) 11/30/2009
Rule file 65H-1.003 Standards for Certification (Repealed) 11/30/2009
Rule file 65H-1.004 Confidentiality (Repealed) 11/30/2009
Rule file 65H-1.005 Evaluation (Repealed) 11/30/2009
Rule file 65H-1.010 Purpose (Repealed) 4/16/2012
Rule file 65H-1.011 Definitions 5/4/2020
Rule file 65H-1.012 Application and Certification Process 5/4/2020
Rule file 65H-1.013 Administration and Operations 5/4/2020
Rule file 65H-1.014 Services 5/4/2020
Rule file 65H-1.015 Emergency Shelter Facilities 5/4/2020
Rule file 65H-1.016 Confidentiality 5/4/2020
Rule file 65H-1.017 Monitoring and Evaluation 5/4/2020
Rule file 65H-1.018 Funding Procedures 5/4/2020