Rule Chapter: 65C-35
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 65C-35.001 Definitions 12/3/2019
Rule file 65C-35.002 Behavioral Health Services 12/3/2019
Rule file 65C-35.003 Parent or Legal Guardian Involvement 12/3/2019
Rule file 65C-35.004 Caregiver Involvement 12/3/2019
Rule file 65C-35.005 Child Involvement in Treatment Planning 12/3/2019
Rule file 65C-35.006 Taking a Child Into Custody Who Is Taking Psychotropic Medication 12/3/2019
Rule file 65C-35.007 Authority to Provide Psychotropic Medications to Children in Out-of-Home Care 12/3/2019
Rule file 65C-35.008 Parent or Legal Guardian Declines to Consent to or Withdraws Consent for the Provision of Psychotropic Medication (Repealed) 4/20/2017
Rule file 65C-35.009 Parent or Legal Guardian Rights Terminated; Parent or Legal Guardian Refuses to Participate; or Parent or Legal Guardian Location or Identity Unknown (Repealed) 4/20/2017
Rule file 65C-35.010 Emergency Administration of Psychotropic Medication (Repealed) 4/20/2017
Rule file 65C-35.011 Medication Monitoring and Administration 12/3/2019
Rule file 65C-35.012 Requests for Second Opinions and Pre-Consent Reviews 12/3/2019
Rule file 65C-35.013 Medical Report 12/3/2019
Rule file 65C-35.014 Training on Psychotropic Medication 10/22/2018