Rule Chapter: 65C-33
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 65C-33.001 Definitions 5/28/2018
Rule file 65C-33.002 Certification for Child Welfare Professionals 12/24/2015
Rule file 65C-33.003 Child Welfare Pre-Service Training 12/24/2015
Rule file 65C-33.004 Pre-Service Training Post-Test Assessments 5/28/2018
Rule file 65C-33.005 Provisional Certification 12/24/2015
Rule file 65C-33.006 Full Certification 12/24/2015
Rule file 65C-33.007 Additional Requirements for Supervisor Certification (Repealed) 10/19/2015
Rule file 65C-33.008 Certification Renewal 12/24/2015
Rule file 65C-33.009 Certificate Issuance (Repealed) 10/19/2015
Rule file 65C-33.010 Waiver Process 12/24/2015
Rule file 65C-33.011 Certification Revocation 12/24/2015
Rule file 65C-33.012 Child Welfare Trainer Certification (Repealed) 10/19/2015
Rule file 65C-33.013 “Supervising for Excellence” Trainer Certification (Repealed) 10/19/2015
Rule file 65C-33.014 Third Party Credentialing Entities’ Application and Review Process 12/24/2015
Rule file 65C-33.015 Revocation or Suspension of Department Approval of Third Party Credentialing Entity Status 12/24/2015
Rule file 65C-33.016 Trainer Program 5/28/2018