Rule Chapter: 65C-29
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 65C-29.001 Definitions 5/4/2006
Rule file 65C-29.002 Reports of Child Abuse, Neglect or Abandonment 8/23/2018
Rule file 65C-29.003 Child Protective Investigations 7/16/2020
Rule file 65C-29.004 Institutional Child Protective Investigations 12/31/2014
Rule file 65C-29.005 Children Denied Shelter (Lockouts) (Repealed) 12/31/2014
Rule file 65C-29.006 Foster Care Referrals 1/7/2019
Rule file 65C-29.007 Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse 12/31/2014
Rule file 65C-29.008 Initial Health Care Assessment for Children Alleged to be Abused, Neglect or Abandoned 12/31/2014
Rule file 65C-29.009 Criminal, Juvenile and Abuse/Neglect History Checks 11/15/2020
Rule file 65C-29.010 False Reports 12/31/2014
Rule file 65C-29.011 Out-of-Town Inquiries 12/31/2014
Rule file 65C-29.012 Transfer of Child Protective Investigations Within and Between Circuits 12/31/2014
Rule file 65C-29.013 Diligent Efforts to Locate 12/31/2014
Rule file 65C-29.014 High Risk Tracking and Review (Repealed) 12/31/2014