Rule Chapter: 65A-4
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 65A-4.201 Criteria for Hardship Extensions and Exemptions to Cash Assistance Time Limit 8/12/2012
Rule file 65A-4.203 Personal Care of a Disabled Family Member 9/21/2009
Rule file 65A-4.205 Penalties for Nonparticipation in Work Requirements 2/26/2020
Rule file 65A-4.206 Work Requirements Under Medical Incapacity, SSI/SSDI, and Mental Health/Substance Abuse Treatment 2/2/2020
Rule file 65A-4.207 Age 9/6/2009
Rule file 65A-4.208 Need 9/16/2008
Rule file 65A-4.209 Income 9/6/2009
Rule file 65A-4.210 Budgeting 5/17/2007
Rule file 65A-4.212 Up-Front Diversion 2/2/2020
Rule file 65A-4.2131 Learnfare Requirements 9/12/2007
Rule file 65A-4.214 Family Cap Requirements 3/9/2003
Rule file 65A-4.215 Temporary Cash Assistance Eligibility of Pregnant Women 9/19/2004
Rule file 65A-4.216 Immunization Program 10/11/1999
Rule file 65A-4.217 Teen Parents 2/2/2020
Rule file 65A-4.218 Child Care 2/2/2020
Rule file 65A-4.220 Amount and Duration of Cash Payment 3/18/2015
Rule file 65A-4.221 Drug Testing for Temporary Cash Assistance Applicants (Repealed) 11/24/2015