Rule Chapter: 65A-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 65A-1.203 Administrative Definitions 9/18/2013
Rule file 65A-1.204 Rights and Responsibilities 7/18/2016
Rule file 65A-1.205 Eligibility Determination Process 3/25/2020
Rule file 65A-1.206 Lifeline Service 4/23/2017
Rule file 65A-1.301 Citizenship 6/26/2008
Rule file 65A-1.302 Social Security Numbers 4/9/1992
Rule file 65A-1.303 Assets 5/20/2010
Rule file 65A-1.400 Forms for Client Notice and Contact 6/4/2018
Rule file 65A-1.602 Food Assistance Program Case Processing 4/12/2017
Rule file 65A-1.603 Food Assistance Program Income and Expenses 2/6/2023
Rule file 65A-1.605 Food Assistance Employment and Training 3/27/2003
Rule file 65A-1.701 Definitions 9/22/2021
Rule file 65A-1.702 Special Provisions 3/25/2020
Rule file 65A-1.703 Family-Related Medicaid Coverage Groups 3/25/2020
Rule file 65A-1.704 Family-Related Medicaid Eligibility Determination Process 2/26/2020
Rule file 65A-1.705 Family-Related Medicaid General Eligibility Criteria 2/26/2020
Rule file 65A-1.706 Family-Related Medicaid Needs Criteria 2/15/2001
Rule file 65A-1.707 Family-Related Medicaid Income and Resource Criteria 3/25/2020
Rule file 65A-1.708 Family-Related Medicaid Budgeting Criteria 3/25/2020
Rule file 65A-1.709 SSI-Related Medicaid Coverage (Repealed) 1/7/2016
Rule file 65A-1.710 SSI-Related Medicaid Coverage Groups 1/12/2020
Rule file 65A-1.711 SSI-Related Medicaid Non-Financial Eligibility Criteria 9/16/2008
Rule file 65A-1.712 SSI-Related Medicaid Resource Eligibility Criteria 1/12/2020
Rule file 65A-1.713 SSI-Related Medicaid Income Eligibility Criteria 1/12/2020
Rule file 65A-1.7141 SSI-Related Medicaid Post Eligibility Treatment of Income 9/30/2018
Rule file 65A-1.715 Emergency Medical Services for Aliens 10/8/1997
Rule file 65A-1.716 Income and Resource Criteria 9/22/2021
Rule file 65A-1.730 Medikids 4/5/1999
Rule file 65A-1.803 General Eligibility 2/15/2001
Rule file 65A-1.900 Overpayment and Benefit Recovery 11/26/2018
Rule file 65A-1.901 Public Assistance Fraud Reward Program 7/9/2015