Rule Chapter: 65-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 65-2.042 Applicant/Recipient Fair Hearings 10/30/2000
Rule file 65-2.043 Hearings Request and Notification of Right to Hearings 10/30/2000
Rule file 65-2.044 Right to Request a Hearing 5/17/1978
Rule file 65-2.045 Hearings Request 1/8/2007
Rule file 65-2.046 Time Limits in Which to Request a Hearing 3/1/1979
Rule file 65-2.047 Rejection of Hearing Request 10/30/2000
Rule file 65-2.048 Action to Reduce or Discontinue Assistance or Service 3/1/1979
Rule file 65-2.049 District Procedures 5/17/1978
Rule file 65-2.050 Transportation 5/17/1978
Rule file 65-2.056 Basis of Hearings 12/11/2006
Rule file 65-2.057 Conduct of Hearing 1/8/2007
Rule file 65-2.058 Appearances 12/11/2006
Rule file 65-2.059 Continuances 3/1/1979
Rule file 65-2.060 Evidence 10/30/2000
Rule file 65-2.061 Failure to Appear 5/17/1978
Rule file 65-2.066 Final Orders 5/17/1978
Rule file 65-2.068 AFDC Overpayment Hearings 4/28/1986
Rule file 65-2.069 Intentional Program Violation Disqualification Hearings 1/5/1993