Rule Chapter: 64V-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64V-1.001 Delayed Birth Registration Requirements; Fees 7/31/2016
Rule file 64V-1.002 Birth Certificate Amendments; Who May Apply; Fees 7/31/2016
Rule file 64V-1.003 Birth Certificate Amendments; Documentary Evidence Requirements 10/19/2004
Rule file 64V-1.0031 Birth Certificate Amendments by Adoption 7/31/2016
Rule file 64V-1.0032 Birth Certificate Amendments by Paternity Establishment/Disestablishment; Judicial and Administrative Process 7/31/2016
Rule file 64V-1.0033 Birth Certificate Amendment by Legal Change of Name; Judicial Process 7/31/2016
Rule file 64V-1.004 Change of Paternity; Evidence Required 2/29/2004
Rule file 64V-1.006 Birth Registration; Evidence Required for Births Occurring Outside of a Facility 7/31/2016
Rule file 64V-1.0061 Death and Fetal Death Registration 7/31/2016
Rule file 64V-1.007 Death and Fetal Death Certificate Amendments; Who May Apply; Fees; Documentary Evidence Requirements 7/31/2016
Rule file 64V-1.008 Delayed Death or Delayed Fetal Death Registration 5/13/2008
Rule file 64V-1.0081 Presumptive Death Registration 5/13/2008
Rule file 64V-1.011 Burial-Transit Permit to Be Issued 3/6/2016
Rule file 64V-1.0131 Certifications of Vital Records; Information Required for Release; Applicant Identification Requirements 7/31/2016
Rule file 64V-1.014 Fees for Vital Statistics Services Provided by State Registrar 3/6/2016
Rule file 64V-1.015 Termination of Pregnancies; Reporting (Repealed) 11/5/2008
Rule file 64V-1.016 Florida Putative Father Registry 7/31/2016
Rule file 64V-1.017 Rescinding Vital Records 11/11/1998
Rule file 64V-1.019 Disposition of Fetal Demise 3/6/2016
Rule file 64V-1.020 Marriage Reporting 9/13/2015
Rule file 64V-1.021 Dissolution of Marriage Reporting 9/13/2015
Rule file 64V-1.022 Appointment of Local Registrars (Repealed) 3/6/2016
Rule file 64V-1.023 Appointment of Deputy Registrars (Repealed) 3/6/2016
Rule file 64V-1.024 Appointment of Subregistrars 3/6/2016
Rule file 64V-1.025 Duties of Local Registrar for Transmittal of Records or Report of No Records (Repealed) 3/6/2016