Rule Chapter: 64K-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64K-1.001 Patient Advisory Alerts and Reports 11/24/2011
Rule file 64K-1.002 American Society for Automation in Pharmacy Standards and Formats 12/19/2018
Rule file 64K-1.003 Accessing Database 12/19/2018
Rule file 64K-1.004 Management and Operation of Database 1/12/2017
Rule file 64K-1.005 Privacy of Controlled Substance Prescription Dispensing Information 2/17/2016
Rule file 64K-1.006 Program Evaluation and Other (Repealed) 3/2/2014
Rule file 64K-1.007 Indicators of Controlled Substance Abuse 5/21/2012