Rule Chapter: 64E-3
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64E-3.001 Fees 2/29/2016
Rule file 64E-3.002 Definitions 10/4/2018
Rule file 64E-3.003 Qualifications for Examination 8/30/2018
Rule file 64E-3.0031 Radiation Therapy Assistance by General Radiographers 7/16/2002
Rule file 64E-3.0032 Radiologist Assistant Duties and Supervision. 5/14/2007
Rule file 64E-3.0033 Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography (PET-CT) by Nuclear Medicine Technologists 3/4/2008
Rule file 64E-3.0034 Specialty Technologists 10/4/2018
Rule file 64E-3.004 Practice of Radiologic Technology by Applicants for Certification by Examination 12/12/1996
Rule file 64E-3.005 Written Examinations 8/10/1998
Rule file 64E-3.006 Certification by Endorsement 2/18/2010
Rule file 64E-3.007 Bone Densitometry 4/27/2016
Rule file 64E-3.008 Continuing Education Requirements 3/4/2008
Rule file 64E-3.009 Standards for Continuing Education Courses 4/25/2023
Rule file 64E-3.010 Reactivation of Inactive Certificates 4/10/1985
Rule file 64E-3.011 Disciplinary Guidelines 2/29/2016