Rule Chapter: 64B9-3
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64B9-3.001 Definitions 1/3/2012
Rule file 64B9-3.0015 Application for Licensure 4/22/2012
Rule file 64B9-3.002 Qualifications for Examination 1/4/2021
Rule file 64B9-3.0025 Remedial Courses for Reexamination 2/11/2019
Rule file 64B9-3.003 Practice of Nursing by Applicant for Licensure by Examination 6/6/2016
Rule file 64B9-3.007 Examination Security 4/22/2012
Rule file 64B9-3.008 Licensure by Endorsement 10/14/2020
Rule file 64B9-3.0085 State Requirements Not Substantially Equilavent (Repealed) 8/16/2009
Rule file 64B9-3.009 Practice of Nursing by Applicants for Licensure by Endorsement (Repealed) 10/19/2015
Rule file 64B9-3.011 Exemption for Licensure in an Emergency (Repealed) 10/20/2015
Rule file 64B9-3.013 Renewal of Licenses (Repealed) 12/15/2014
Rule file 64B9-3.014 Graduates From International or Non-NCSBN Jurisdictions 4/10/2022
Rule file 64B9-3.015 Licensure Examination Preparatory Courses 12/12/2016
Rule file 64B9-3.016 Multi-State License Upgrade 7/29/2021