Rule Chapter: 64B7-26
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64B7-26.001 Definitions 12/25/2019
Rule file 64B7-26.002 Licensure of Massage Establishments 7/20/2021
Rule file 64B7-26.003 Massage Establishment Operations 2/2/2022
Rule file 64B7-26.0035 Designated Establishment Managers 3/13/2022
Rule file 64B7-26.004 Inspections 4/11/2022
Rule file 64B7-26.005 Periodic Inspections (Repealed) 4/17/2022
Rule file 64B7-26.006 Change of Corporate Officers, Interested Parties, Designated Establishment Managers 12/18/2022
Rule file 64B7-26.007 Massage Establishment Change of Name/Location 12/18/2022
Rule file 64B7-26.010 Sexual Activity Prohibited 2/2/2022