Rule Chapter: 64B5-7
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64B5-7.001 Requirements for Approval and Operation of Internship and Residency Programs 3/28/1999
Rule file 64B5-7.003 Permit Requirements for Dental Interns and Residents 10/22/2019
Rule file 64B5-7.0035 Temporary Certificate Requirements for Dentists Practicing in State and County Government Facilities 10/22/2019
Rule file 64B5-7.005 Teaching Permits 10/22/2019
Rule file 64B5-7.006 Non-Profit Corporation Permits 12/25/2006
Rule file 64B5-7.007 Limited License as Allowed in Section 456.015, F.S 10/4/2018