Rule Chapter: 64B20-8
Chapter Title: DISPENSING HEARING AIDS Add to MyFLRules Favorites
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64B20-8.001 Audiometric Testing 11/30/1994
Rule file 64B20-8.002 Certified Testing Room 11/30/1994
Rule file 64B20-8.003 Qualifications for Independent Testing Agents or Licensed Audiologists 1/15/1997
Rule file 64B20-8.004 Disclosure Required When a Significant Difference Between Air and Bone Conduction Exists 4/2/1991
Rule file 64B20-8.005 Retention of Records 4/2/1991
Rule file 64B20-8.006 Regular Place of Business Requirements (Repealed) 4/5/2016
Rule file 64B20-8.008 Requirements Regarding Certain Information on the Receipt 11/30/1994
Rule file 64B20-8.009 Thirty-Day Trial Period; Purchaser's Right to Cancel; Notice; Refund; Cancellation Fee 11/30/1994