Rule Chapter: 64B18-14
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64B18-14.001 Probable Cause Panel 6/17/1997
Rule file 64B18-14.002 Disciplinary Guidelines 12/29/2021
Rule file 64B18-14.003 Aggravating and Mitigating Circumstances 2/25/1996
Rule file 64B18-14.004 Advertising 6/17/1997
Rule file 64B18-14.005 Solicitation 6/17/1997
Rule file 64B18-14.0051 Duty to Self-Report 2/25/1996
Rule file 64B18-14.006 Casting Feet 8/24/1999
Rule file 64B18-14.0072 Financial Responsibility 4/1/2006
Rule file 64B18-14.009 Minor Violations; Notices of Compliance 2/17/2020
Rule file 64B18-14.010 Citations 1/2/2019
Rule file 64B18-14.011 Mediation 4/22/2008
Rule file 64B18-14.012 Address of Record 3/4/2010