Rule Chapter: 64B-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64B-1.001 Application Deadlines; Examination Rescheduling (Repealed) 3/30/2014
Rule file 64B-1.002 Notification of Applicants (Repealed) 3/30/2014
Rule file 64B-1.003 Examination Administration (Repealed) 3/30/2014
Rule file 64B-1.004 Conduct at Test Site (Repealed) 12/21/2015
Rule file 64B-1.005 Special Testing Accommodations 11/5/2014
Rule file 64B-1.006 Practical or Clinical Examinations (Repealed) 3/30/2014
Rule file 64B-1.007 Selection Criteria for Examiners and Examination Consultants (Repealed) 3/30/2014
Rule file 64B-1.008 Grading of Examinations; Grade Notification. 11/5/2014
Rule file 64B-1.009 Pre-hearing Review Request (Repealed) 12/21/2015
Rule file 64B-1.011 Requirements and Standards of a National Examination 3/19/2012
Rule file 64B-1.012 Guidelines for Sharing Department-Developed Examinations with Other State Licensing Authorities (Repealed) 3/30/2014
Rule file 64B-1.013 Post-Examination Review 11/5/2014
Rule file 64B-1.016 Fees: Examination and Post-Examination Review (Repealed) 11/3/2015
Rule file 64B-1.017 Use of Pilot Test Items (Repealed) 9/30/2009