Rule Chapter: 63D-7
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 63D-7.001 Purpose and Scope (Repealed) 9/21/2010
Rule file 63D-7.002 Definitions (Repealed) 9/21/2010
Rule file 63D-7.003 Transition Planning While the Youth is in a Residential Commitment Facility (Repealed) 9/21/2010
Rule file 63D-7.004 Pre-Release Notification (Repealed) 9/21/2010
Rule file 63D-7.005 Post-Residential Supervision (Repealed) 9/21/2010
Rule file 63D-7.006 Admission to Post-Residential Supervision Program (Repealed) 9/21/2010
Rule file 63D-7.007 Managing Supervision and Designing Intervention Through the YES Plan (Repealed) 9/21/2010
Rule file 63D-7.008 Violations (Repealed) 9/21/2010
Rule file 63D-7.009 Termination of Services (Repealed) 9/21/2010