Rule Chapter: 62-814
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 62-814.100 Intent, Findings, Basis of Standards, and Research Needs 6/1/2008
Rule file 62-814.200 Electric and Magnetic Fields; Definitions 1/7/1993
Rule file 62-814.300 General Technical Requirements 6/1/2008
Rule file 62-814.310 Deviations from Standards and Criteria 1/7/1993
Rule file 62-814.400 General Standards 1/7/1993
Rule file 62-814.450 Electric and Magnetic Field Standards 6/1/2008
Rule file 62-814.460 Computation and Measurement Methodology 1/7/1993
Rule file 62-814.470 Compliance Methodology 1/7/1993
Rule file 62-814.480 Emergency Exemptions 1/7/1993
Rule file 62-814.510 Monitoring and Reporting 1/7/1993
Rule file 62-814.520 Compliance 2/15/2016
Rule file 62-814.530 Time of Compliance 1/7/1993
Rule file 62-814.900 Form and Instructions (Repealed) 2/15/2016