Rule Chapter: 62-710
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 62-710.201 Definitions 4/23/2013
Rule file 62-710.210 Documents Incorporated by Reference 6/18/2018
Rule file 62-710.300 Applicability (Repealed) 2/16/2012
Rule file 62-710.401 Prohibitions 4/23/2013
Rule file 62-710.500 Registration and Notification 11/13/2019
Rule file 62-710.510 Record Keeping and Reporting 11/13/2019
Rule file 62-710.600 Certification Program for Used Oil Transporters 6/18/2018
Rule file 62-710.800 Permits for Used Oil Processing Facilities 11/13/2019
Rule file 62-710.850 Management of Used Oil Filters 4/23/2013
Rule file 62-710.901 Forms 11/13/2019