Rule Chapter: 62-600
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 62-600.100 Scope, Intent, Purpose, and Applicability 12/24/1996
Rule file 62-600.120 Exemptions 12/24/1996
Rule file 62-600.200 Definitions 12/24/1996
Rule file 62-600.300 General Technical Guidance and Related Rules 12/24/1996
Rule file 62-600.400 Design Requirements 12/24/1996
Rule file 62-600.405 Planning for Wastewater Facilities Expansion 1/30/1991
Rule file 62-600.410 Operation and Maintenance Requirements 12/24/1996
Rule file 62-600.420 Minimum Treatment Standards - Technology Based Effluent Limitations (TBELs) 6/8/1993
Rule file 62-600.430 Additional Treatment - Water Quality-Based Effluent Limitations (WQBELs) 1/30/1991
Rule file 62-600.440 Disinfection - Design and Operational Criteria 12/24/1996
Rule file 62-600.445 pH - Standards and Operational Criteria 1/30/1991
Rule file 62-600.500 General 6/8/1993
Rule file 62-600.510 Discharge to Surface Waters (Excluding Ocean Outfalls) 6/8/1993
Rule file 62-600.520 Discharge to Surface Waters - Ocean Outfalls 10/11/2013
Rule file 62-600.530 Reuse of Reclaimed Water and Land Application 6/8/1993
Rule file 62-600.540 Ground Water Disposal by Underground Injection 6/8/1993
Rule file 62-600.550 Wastewater Management Requirements for the Wekiva Study Area. 4/13/2006
Rule file 62-600.700 General 12/24/1996
Rule file 62-600.720 Operation and Maintenance Manual 12/24/1996
Rule file 62-600.735 Operation and Maintenance Performance Report 12/24/1996
Rule file 62-600.740 Reporting, Compliance, and Enforcement 12/24/1996