Rule Chapter: 62-402
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 62-402.001 Scope (Repealed) 3/15/2012
Rule file 62-402.020 Definitions (Repealed) 3/15/2012
Rule file 62-402.030 Release of Funds (Repealed) 3/15/2012
Rule file 62-402.031 Preservation 2000 Funds (Repealed) 3/15/2012
Rule file 62-402.050 Financial Reports (Repealed) 3/15/2012
Rule file 62-402.060 Water Management Lands Trust Fund Bond Issues (Repealed) 3/15/2012
Rule file 62-402.070 Water Management Lands (Repealed) 3/15/2012