Rule Chapter: 62-302
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 62-302.200 Definitions 2/17/2016
Rule file 62-302.300 Findings, Intent, and Antidegradation Policy for Surface Water Quality 2/17/2016
Rule file 62-302.400 Classification of Surface Waters, Usage, Reclassification, Classified Waters 11/17/2016
Rule file 62-302.500 Surface Waters: Minimum Criteria, General Criteria 8/1/2013
Rule file 62-302.520 Thermal Surface Water Criteria 3/1/1979
Rule file 62-302.530 Table: Surface Water Quality Criteria 2/17/2016
Rule file 62-302.531 Numeric Interpretations of Narrative Nutrient Criteria 2/17/2016
Rule file 62-302.532 Estuary-Specific Numeric Interpretations of the Narrative Nutrient Criterion 2/17/2016
Rule file 62-302.533 Dissolved Oxygen Criteria for Class I, Class II, Class III, and Class III-Limited Waters 2/17/2016
Rule file 62-302.540 Water Quality Standards for Phosphorus Within the Everglades Protection Area 3/28/2017
Rule file 62-302.700 Special Protection, Outstanding Florida Waters, Outstanding National Resource Waters 12/7/2006
Rule file 62-302.800 Site Specific Alternative Criteria 2/17/2016