Rule Chapter: 62-133
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 62-133.100 Purpose (Repealed) 2/21/2012
Rule file 62-133.200 Definitions (Repealed) 2/21/2012
Rule file 62-133.300 Recruitment, Screening, Training, Supervision, and Responsibility of Volunteers (Repealed) 2/21/2012
Rule file 62-133.400 Volunteer Services Agreements (Repealed) 2/21/2012
Rule file 62-133.500 Administrative Requirements (Repealed) 2/21/2012
Rule file 62-133.600 Standards of Conduct for Volunteers (Repealed) 2/21/2012
Rule file 62-133.700 Termination of Volunteer Service (Repealed) 2/21/2012
Rule file 62-133.800 Volunteer Benefits (Repealed) 2/21/2012