Rule Chapter: 61A-4
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61A-4.003 Delinquent Accounts, Reporting (Repealed) 8/1/2012
Rule file 61A-4.005 Brand Registration 3/1/1976
Rule file 61A-4.007 Salesmen Excluded as Vendors 12/19/1974
Rule file 61A-4.009 Monthly Reports 3/22/2022
Rule file 61A-4.010 Reports, Out of State Shipments 12/19/1974
Rule file 61A-4.011 Inventory Forms, Spirituous, Vinous, and Malt Beverages 2/24/1994
Rule file 61A-4.012 Spirituous Beverages, Distributor Ledger Records or Print-out of Electronic Data Processing Accounting Records 6/27/1976
Rule file 61A-4.013 Malt Beverages, Differential Prices or Change of Prices 12/19/1974
Rule file 61A-4.0131 Malt Beverages, Keg Deposits (Repealed) 9/20/2016
Rule file 61A-4.014 Alcoholic Beverages, Sale to Government Installations 9/5/1984
Rule file 61A-4.018 Rental Between Vendor and Distributor Prohibited 12/19/1974
Rule file 61A-4.020 Storage Permits 10/16/2019
Rule file 61A-4.023 Shipments, for Consumption Outside of Florida 12/19/1974
Rule file 61A-4.028 Delivery or Imports into Florida 12/19/1974
Rule file 61A-4.030 Deliveries to Vendors (Repealed) 11/29/2015
Rule file 61A-4.031 Delivery to Vendors and Accumulated Discounts 1/9/1991
Rule file 61A-4.0371 Excise Tax Deduction for Breakage and Spoilage of Alcoholic Beverages 2/24/1994
Rule file 61A-4.040 Tax Free Beverages, Vessels or Aircraft 12/19/1974
Rule file 61A-4.041 Passenger Vessels Engaged in Foreign Commerce 3/15/2017
Rule file 61A-4.043 Invoice by Alcoholic Beverages K-LD License Series Distributors, Spirituous, Malt and Vinous Beverages 2/24/1994
Rule file 61A-4.044 Loading Sheets, Beer and Wine Trucks 3/1/1976
Rule file 61A-4.045 Invoice by Alcoholic Beverages J-DBW and J-DB License Series Distributors, Malt Beverages and Wine 2/24/1994
Rule file 61A-4.046 Alcoholic Beverages, Samples, Withdrawals (Repealed) 8/1/2012
Rule file 61A-4.0461 Discounts, Alcoholic Beverages (Repealed) 8/1/2012
Rule file 61A-4.0501 Pool Buying - Definition; Creation; Procedures; Record Keeping; Restrictions 10/3/2012
Rule file 61A-4.056 Primary American Source of Supply 8/31/1983
Rule file 61A-4.061 Malt Beverages; Exclusive Sales Territories 8/25/1993
Rule file 61A-4.063 Alcoholic Beverage Surcharge Implemented for Consumption-on-Premises Vendors (Repealed) 6/7/2012