Rule Chapter: 61L-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61L-2.002 Definitions 10/7/1993
Rule file 61L-2.003 Proof of Age and Removal of Disability of Nonage 6/12/2016
Rule file 61L-2.004 Safe Work Place, and Safety Equipment 10/7/1993
Rule file 61L-2.005 Additional Hazardous Occupations Prohibited 10/7/1993
Rule file 61L-2.006 Employment of Minors by the Entertainment Industry 10/7/1993
Rule file 61L-2.007 Partial Waivers 10/7/1993
Rule file 61L-2.008 Response to Request for Inspection of Records 11/16/2015
Rule file 61L-2.009 Employment in Violation of Law or Rules 6/30/2015
Rule file 61L-2.012 Forms, Poster, Federal Regulations and Bulletins 10/7/1993