Rule Chapter: 61J2-5
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61J2-5.012 Domestic Corporations 1/1/1980
Rule file 61J2-5.013 Foreign Corporation 1/1/1980
Rule file 61J2-5.014 Registration of Corporation 12/22/2020
Rule file 61J2-5.015 License Status of Officers and Directors Required 2/24/2000
Rule file 61J2-5.016 License Status of Active Officers and Directors 4/15/2004
Rule file 61J2-5.017 Registration of Inactive Officers and Directors 6/28/1993
Rule file 61J2-5.018 Vacancies of Office 12/22/2020
Rule file 61J2-5.019 Responsibility for Registration Status 6/28/1993
Rule file 61J2-5.020 Execution of Papers by Corporation 9/10/2023