Rule Chapter: 61G7-5
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61G7-5.001 Application Procedure; Application Form; Fees; Confidential Information; Denial of Application; Request for Hearing 2/28/2018
Rule file 61G7-5.0011 Registration and Fee for De Minimis Operations 2/28/2018
Rule file 61G7-5.0012 Historical Sketch 7/20/2022
Rule file 61G7-5.002 Annual Assessment on Gross Florida Payroll 12/30/2015
Rule file 61G7-5.0021 Duplicate License Fee (Repealed) 8/5/2018
Rule file 61G7-5.003 Written Declaration to Financial Statements 4/18/2018
Rule file 61G7-5.0031 Audited Financial Statements 7/4/2022
Rule file 61G7-5.0032 Reviewed Financial Statements 7/4/2022
Rule file 61G7-5.0033 Consolidated and Combined Financial Statements 7/4/2022
Rule file 61G7-5.0034 Use of Franchised or Licensed Names 9/5/2004
Rule file 61G7-5.004 Requiring Certified College Transcripts in Lieu of College Degree 11/4/1992
Rule file 61G7-5.005 Deficiency in Tangible Accounting and Accounting Net Worth; Guaranty Form Acceptable to Board; Sufficient Evidence of Guarantor's Adequate Resources 2/28/2018
Rule file 61G7-5.006 Delinquent License 2/12/2020
Rule file 61G7-5.007 Null and Void Status 5/4/2021