Rule Chapter: 61G7-10
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61G7-10.001 Examination of Financial Records: Verification of Compliance 10/18/2021
Rule file 61G7-10.0011 Annual Financial Statements 1/24/2018
Rule file 61G7-10.0012 Workers' Compensation Liability Statement 1/24/2018
Rule file 61G7-10.0013 Notification of Initiation or Termination of Contractual Relationship (Repealed) 10/29/2015
Rule file 61G7-10.0014 Requirements for Evidence of Workers' Compensation Coverage 1/24/2018
Rule file 61G7-10.0015 Alternative Reporting Compliance by Accredited Employee Leasing Companies. 5/29/2017
Rule file 61G7-10.002 Reporting of Change of Status Required; Effect on Licensees; Change of Licensee Name 1/2/2023
Rule file 61G7-10.003 On-Site Investigations 1/2/2013