Rule Chapter: 61G5-20
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61G5-20.001 Salon Defined 2/25/2007
Rule file 61G5-20.0015 Performance of Cosmetology or Specialty Services Outside a Licensed Salon 10/18/2021
Rule file 61G5-20.00175 Fashion Photography 1/9/1995
Rule file 61G5-20.002 Salon Requirements 11/9/2017
Rule file 61G5-20.003 Inspections 9/27/2007
Rule file 61G5-20.004 Display of Documents 11/22/2020
Rule file 61G5-20.005 Salon License Renewal 10/1/1997
Rule file 61G5-20.006 Transfer of Ownership or Location of a Salon (Repealed) 9/3/2012
Rule file 61G5-20.007 Communicable Disease 5/11/1992
Rule file 61G5-20.008 Employment of Applicants for Licensure as a Cosmetologist Prior to Licensure; Employment of Applicants for Registration as a Specialist Prior to Registration 11/22/2020
Rule file 61G5-20.010 Mobile Salons 11/25/1998