Rule Chapter: 61G4-16
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61G4-16.001 Written Certification Examination Requirements 9/30/2019
Rule file 61G4-16.0015 Exemption from Business and Finance Test 10/4/1999
Rule file 61G4-16.0021 Written Examination for Swimming Pool Specialty Contractors 4/8/2015
Rule file 61G4-16.0031 Practical Examination for Swimming Pool Specialty Contractors 10/10/2006
Rule file 61G4-16.004 Oral Examinations 6/2/1988
Rule file 61G4-16.005 Duration of Validity 3/26/2017
Rule file 61G4-16.007 Security and Monitoring Procedures for Certification Examination 11/25/1997
Rule file 61G4-16.009 Examination and Reexamination 12/9/2011