Rule Chapter: 61G19-9
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61G19-9.001 Continuing Education for Biennial Renewal 10/21/2020
Rule file 61G19-9.002 Continuing Education Course Providers 4/23/2001
Rule file 61G19-9.003 Registration of Course Providers 7/27/2023
Rule file 61G19-9.004 Approval of Courses 7/27/2023
Rule file 61G19-9.0045 Requirements for Interactive Distance Learning Courses 10/21/2020
Rule file 61G19-9.005 Qualifications of Course Instructors 10/12/2015
Rule file 61G19-9.006 Course Syllabus 5/9/2019
Rule file 61G19-9.007 Records Required to be Maintained by Course Providers 5/9/2019
Rule file 61G19-9.009 Advertising of Continuing Education Courses 4/23/2001
Rule file 61G19-9.010 Continuing Education Courses Required by Disciplinary Action 5/23/1994
Rule file 61G19-9.011 Continuing Education Course Provider Fees 6/13/2007