Rule Chapter: 61E13-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61E13-2.001 Definitions (Transferred) 12/11/2012
Rule file 61E13-2.002 Pilotage Rates (Repealed) 3/31/2009
Rule file 61E13-2.004 Initiation of Rate Change (Repealed) 5/19/2010
Rule file 61E13-2.005 Contents of Application by a Pilot (Transferred) 12/11/2012
Rule file 61E13-2.006 Contents of Application by Persons Other Than a Pilot (Transferred) 12/11/2012
Rule file 61E13-2.007 Processing of Application (Transferred) 12/11/2012
Rule file 61E13-2.009 Effective Date of Orders (Repealed) 5/19/2010
Rule file 61E13-2.010 Notice of Intended Agency Action (Transferred) 12/11/2012
Rule file 61E13-2.011 Request for Hearing Pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act (Repealed) 5/19/2010
Rule file 61E13-2.012 Determination of Disputed Issues of Material Fact; Formal or Informal Hearings (Transferred) 12/11/2012
Rule file 61E13-2.015 Analysis of Data for Request of Changes of Rates (Repealed) 3/31/2009