Rule Chapter: 61D-7
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61D-7.001 Definitions (Transferred) 4/12/2006
Rule file 61D-7.002 Calculation of Payout and Distribution of Pools - General (Transferred) 4/12/2006
Rule file 61D-7.003 Experimental Wagers, Requests by Permitholders (Transferred) 10/20/1996
Rule file 61D-7.004 Win Pool (Transferred) 10/20/1996
Rule file 61D-7.005 Place Pool (Transferred) 10/20/1996
Rule file 61D-7.006 Show Pool (Transferred) 10/20/1996
Rule file 61D-7.007 Quinella Pool (Transferred) 10/20/1996
Rule file 61D-7.008 Daily Double Pool (Transferred) 10/20/1996
Rule file 61D-7.009 Quinella Double (Transferred) 12/15/1997
Rule file 61D-7.010 Daily Three Pool (Transferred) 12/21/2003
Rule file 61D-7.011 Exacta/Perfecta (Transferred) 10/20/1996
Rule file 61D-7.012 Trifecta Pool (Transferred) 10/20/1996
Rule file 61D-7.013 Superfecta Pool (Transferred) 7/7/2005
Rule file 61D-7.014 Pick (N) Pools (Transferred) 3/15/2012
Rule file 61D-7.015 Trifecta and Superfecta Combinations (Transferred) 9/12/2012
Rule file 61D-7.016 Total Points Wager (Transferred) 10/20/1996
Rule file 61D-7.017 Seed Pools for Jackpot Wagers (Repealed) 9/12/2012
Rule file 61D-7.020 Pari-Mutuels (Transferred) 1/10/2008
Rule file 61D-7.021 Mutuels Tickets, Cashing, Records, and Totalisator Security Requirements (Transferred) 4/12/2006
Rule file 61D-7.022 Outs Cashed After the End of the Meet (Transferred) 4/12/2006
Rule file 61D-7.023 Reporting of Wagering Activities, Permitholder and Totalisator Reports (Transferred) 4/12/2006
Rule file 61D-7.024 Totalisator Requirements (Transferred) 9/12/2012