Rule Chapter: 61D-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61D-2.001 General Definitions (Transferred) 4/12/2006
Rule file 61D-2.002 Toe Grabs (Transferred) 12/30/2008
Rule file 61D-2.003 Knowingly Interfering With Division Duties (Transferred) 6/12/1997
Rule file 61D-2.004 Wagering Prohibitions (Transferred) 4/12/2006
Rule file 61D-2.005 Violations (Transferred) 4/12/2006
Rule file 61D-2.006 Electrical or Mechanical Device Prohibition (Transferred) 4/12/2006
Rule file 61D-2.008 Pre-meet Report Required (Repealed) 1/4/2012
Rule file 61D-2.009 Ineligible or Disqualified Jai Alai Player or Racing Animal (Transferred) 6/26/2011
Rule file 61D-2.010 Photofinish Camera and Video Tape Requirement (Transferred) 4/12/2006
Rule file 61D-2.011 Post Position Drawing Requirement (Transferred) 5/31/2006
Rule file 61D-2.012 Racing Animal Identification (Transferred) 4/12/2006
Rule file 61D-2.016 Altered Identification Exclusion (Transferred) 4/12/2006
Rule file 61D-2.018 Pooling of Prize Money in Jai Alai Prohibited (Repealed) 1/4/2012
Rule file 61D-2.019 Starting Time Notice Requirement (Repealed) 1/4/2012
Rule file 61D-2.020 Pari-Mutuel Wagering Racing and Game Officials (Transferred) 12/15/1997
Rule file 61D-2.021 Aggravating and Mitigating Circumstances (Transferred) 12/30/2001
Rule file 61D-2.022 Use of Whips (Transferred) 12/30/2008
Rule file 61D-2.023 Animal Welfare (Transferred) 5/21/2013
Rule file 61D-2.024 Track General Rules (Transferred) 9/29/2016
Rule file 61D-2.025 Race General Rules (Transferred) 9/29/2016
Rule file 61D-2.027 Performances (Transferred) 9/29/2016