Rule Chapter: 61C-5
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61C-5.001 Safety Standards 3/23/2021
Rule file 61C-5.0012 Electrolysis Protection for Underground Hydraulic Elevator Cylinders (Repealed) 4/18/2012
Rule file 61C-5.0015 Maintenance Control Programs 10/29/2019
Rule file 61C-5.004 Bulletin Boards (Repealed) 4/18/2012
Rule file 61C-5.0051 Emergency Stop Switches and In-Car Stop Switches 4/2/2008
Rule file 61C-5.006 Elevator Fees; Permits; Certificates of Operation; Delinquency Fee; Transfer of Ownership; Certificate Replacement 10/29/2019
Rule file 61C-5.007 Certificates of Competency and License Registrations, Initial, Renewal, General Liability Insurance Coverage 4/4/2021
Rule file 61C-5.008 Definitions 8/14/2016
Rule file 61C-5.0085 Continuing Education Requirements 8/26/2014
Rule file 61C-5.009 Venting of Hoistways, Minimum Requirements (Repealed) 4/18/2012
Rule file 61C-5.011 Alterations to Electric and Hydraulic Elevators and Escalators (Repealed) 4/18/2012
Rule file 61C-5.013 Service Maintenance Contracts, Reporting Requirements; and Maintenance Control 9/10/2013
Rule file 61C-5.016 Elevator Safety Technical Advisory Council 10/19/2004
Rule file 61C-5.018 Variances 11/25/2021
Rule file 61C-5.020 Disciplinary Guidelines 2/27/2013
Rule file 61C-5.023 Citations 9/1/2021
Rule file 61C-5.025 Hydraulic Supply Shut-off Valves 7/5/2012