Rule Chapter: 61A-3
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61A-3.008 Location, Vendor Licenses 12/19/1974
Rule file 61A-3.0081 Licensed Premises at Stadiums, Coliseums, Auditoriums, Locations 11/7/1978
Rule file 61A-3.0101 License Renewals, Fixing Dates by Counties, Exceptions 5/26/1993
Rule file 61A-3.0141 Special Food Service Licenses 9/13/2016
Rule file 61A-3.017 Management, Operation and Responsibility Licensed Premises 4/15/1987
Rule file 61A-3.019 Club Licenses 7/18/1985
Rule file 61A-3.020 Licenses, Change of Series 3/1/1976
Rule file 61A-3.0305 Pool Buying Procedures (Repealed) 3/20/2013
Rule file 61A-3.032 Alcoholic Beverages, Deposit for Future Purchases 3/1/1976
Rule file 61A-3.033 Delinquency, Payment of (Repealed) 8/1/2012
Rule file 61A-3.035 Delinquent List 5/5/2013
Rule file 61A-3.039 Exceptions in Employment of Minors and Others 2/28/1994
Rule file 61A-3.043 Special Hotel, Motel, Motor Court and Condominium-owned Motor Court Minimum Requirements 3/1/1976
Rule file 61A-3.048 Exploitation of Dwarfs 8/21/2002
Rule file 61A-3.049 Bottle Club Licenses 2/26/1991
Rule file 61A-3.050 Special Low-proof Products 1/20/1997
Rule file 61A-3.052 Identification to Verify Age 2/28/1994
Rule file 61A-3.053 Hardship for Extension to Activate Quota License (Repealed) 1/10/2016
Rule file 61A-3.054 Party-Type Supplies 2/28/1994
Rule file 61A-3.055 Items Customarily Sold in a Restaurant 5/2/2023