Rule Chapter: 61A-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61A-2.002 Bond Requirements 3/15/1990
Rule file 61A-2.004 Wine Permits for Religious or Sacramental Purposes 12/20/1994
Rule file 61A-2.0081 Revocation with Prejudice to Location 8/1/1993
Rule file 61A-2.009 State Bonded Warehouses 12/20/1994
Rule file 61A-2.012 Service of Process; Notices, Subpoenas, Orders, and Citations 12/19/1974
Rule file 61A-2.014 Applications (Repealed) 11/29/2015
Rule file 61A-2.018 License Application Report(s) (Repealed) 8/1/2012
Rule file 61A-2.019 Approved Forms (Repealed) 11/29/2015
Rule file 61A-2.022 Penalty Guidelines 2/28/1994
Rule file 61A-2.023 Proposed and Final Tax Assessments 5/12/2015
Rule file 61A-2.024 Final Refund Denials 2/9/2015