Rule Chapter: 61-35
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61-35.004 Athlete Agent Departmental Forms 6/23/2015
Rule file 61-35.006 Florida Barbers' Departmental Forms 6/14/2012
Rule file 61-35.008 Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Departmental Forms 11/26/2013
Rule file 61-35.010 Construction Industry Departmental Forms 8/21/2012
Rule file 61-35.011 Cosmetology Departmental Forms 12/24/2018
Rule file 61-35.012 Electrical Contractors' Departmental Forms 6/17/2013
Rule file 61-35.013 Employee Leasing Companies Departmental Forms 10/2/2018
Rule file 61-35.017 Landscape Architecture Departmental Forms 10/25/2015
Rule file 61-35.020 Community Association Management Departmental Forms 7/20/2015
Rule file 61-35.026 Florida Real Estate Appraisal Departmental Forms 9/25/2013
Rule file 61-35.027 Real Estate Forms 10/30/2017