Rule Chapter: 61-31
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61-31.101 License Requirements 12/20/2021
Rule file 61-31.102 Examination 1/30/2014
Rule file 61-31.301 Delinquent License 10/31/2017
Rule file 61-31.302 Inactive, Active Status 1/30/2014
Rule file 61-31.401 License Renewal 1/30/2014
Rule file 61-31.402 Discretionary Hardship Reinstatement of Null or Void Licenses 1/30/2014
Rule file 61-31.501 Continuing Education Provider Requirements 10/8/2019
Rule file 61-31.505 Approval of Continuing Education Courses 1/30/2014
Rule file 61-31.602 Disciplinary Guidelines 1/30/2014
Rule file 61-31.603 Notice of Noncompliance 1/30/2014
Rule file 61-31.604 Citations 1/30/2014
Rule file 61-31.605 Mediation 1/30/2014