Rule Chapter: 60Y-2
Chapter Title: ORGANIZATION AND GENERAL INFORMATION (Formerly 9D-6) Add to MyFLRules Favorites
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 60Y-2.001 General (Repealed) 2/14/2016
Rule file 60Y-2.002 The Agency 11/2/1978
Rule file 60Y-2.003 General Description of the Commission 1/8/2015
Rule file 60Y-2.004 General Description of Organization and Functions of Commission Staff 12/31/2003
Rule file 60Y-2.005 General Information 7/12/2015
Rule file 60Y-2.006 Statutory Chapter and Rules 12/31/2003
Rule file 60Y-2.007 Public Information and Inspection and Copying of Documents 11/12/2015
Rule file 60Y-2.008 Public Access to Commission Proceedings 11/2/1978
Rule file 60Y-2.009 List of Forms and Instructions 12/31/2003
Rule file 60Y-2.010 Notices; Contents; Posting 11/2/1978
Rule file 60Y-2.011 Petitions for Variances or Waivers from Rules (Repealed) 2/14/2016
Rule file 60Y-2.012 Commission Orders; Numbering, Indexing; and Maintenance 12/31/2003